NM2208: Final Project

Hello! And so we’ve come to the end of NM2208 and here’s my group’s final project – Fussy Felix and the Food Creatures!

Fussy Felix and the Food Creatures

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Assignment 5 was about creating an infographic to illustrate an article about climate change.  The target audience were readers of National Geographic, Economists, Asia Week, Fortune, News Week, etc.  I had initially wanted to do something about how we can save the Earth with the things in our backpack (e.g. purchase a “permanent water bottle”, create a personal notebook with scrap paper, etc.) but decided against it because it just didn’t seem to be very fitting with the target audience.  Hence, I decided to do something that everyone, regardless of age, gender, blah blah blah could relate to – grocery shopping.  Here’s the link to the article I chose: Eco-friendly Shopping Tips.

And below’s my infographic:


Infographic: Are you destorying Earth with your grocery shopping?

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So last week, we were tasked to design a postcard to promote or create awareness of a travel theme and one of the major requirements to we had to meet was that we had to design a touristy postcard with scenery and what not.  I had quite a bit of problem trying to come up with a design but I finally decided on focusing on souvenirs from Asia since each country kind of have their own unique flavour, icon, etc.  There the elephant from Thailand, paper fan from China, Peranakan slippers from Singapore, Zhao Cai Mao from Japan, hat from Vietnam, painting from the Philippines, sari from India and the mask from Bali.  To add a little oomph, I thought of highlighting the problem that most travellers usually face – how to fit  the one million things you buy into the luggage?

So, here’s my design/colour exploration:

Colour Exploration

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For Assignment 3, we had to do a photo story with 6 to 9 pictures.  I had quite a bit of trouble trying to come up with the story due to several constraints like the number of models, location, weather, lighting, etc.  Ran into quite a couple of obstacles halfway through the process of taking photos and then I finally decided to switch my story from one that took place outdoors to one that takes place indoor, in the washroom.

So here are my storyboard and photo story:


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In this class exercise, we had to use lines and dots to try to express certain words that were given to us.  Shireen and I chose the words ‘Fear’ and ‘Chaos’.

NM2208: Class Exercise D

For Class Exercise D, we had to experiment with different camera angles which could possibly affect the feel of a photograph.  I settled with a potted plant just outside my house as my “model” and snapped away.

General View to allow the audience to establish some background information about the plant (e.g. What is this plant? Where is the potted plant situated at? What is its overall look of this plant?)

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Assignment 2 was all about abstraction (Less is More).  We had to make a visual statement by creating a pictogram with 2 personalities and I decided to settle with Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir.  I think most of us should know that these two politicians have kind of been at loggerheads since a long time ago.  Thus, I wanted to portray the strained relationship between them in my pictogram and what I think are the perceptions they have of one another.  (I hope I don’t get caught, jailed or whatever for trying to make such as statement about the ministers.  This is purely for academic purposes!)

Below are two pictures of the politicians I picked out from the internet.  I wanted to portray the stronger sides of these two personalities, which explains the fist and head pointing actions.

Lee Kuan Yew

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